Rachel Kendall is a writer and editor from Manchester, UK where she is surrounded by books at work (an academic library) and at home (a terraced house with a blended interior of Mexican cafe and French farmhouse, with added extras). She is the author of numerous short stories and her fiction has appeared in magazines such as Straight From the Fridge, Dogmatika, Sein und Werden, 3:AM, Purple Verse, Flashing in the Gutters, Twisted Tongue, Violent!, Stranger Box, Vial, Horror Express, Scifantastic, Cold Print, Buzzwords, Connections, Dead Things, Strix and Monas Hieroglyphica, as well as anthologies by Dog Horn Publishing, Darkscribe Press, ExaggeratedPress, Megazanthus Press and others.


Her short story collections include Her Black Little Heart (2004), Bone-Bodiced (with Juliet Cook), ISMs Press and Blood Pudding Press (2008) and most recently, The Bride Stripped Bare, Doghorn Press (2009) described by reviewers as “a dazzling assortment of polished dark prose that inhabits the traditions of surrealism and existentialism”, “emotionally charged, delicately delivered, and exceptionally brutal” and “the kind of horror you wish you found in your nightmares.”

Her ‘Paris novel’, Stranger Days, was published in 2013.

Rachel edits the experimental arts and literary zine Sein und Werden, loves the surrealists, the absurdists and the writers of serious nonsense and seems to collect cat hairs and tiny little toys that get sucked up the vacuum cleaner. She loves to travel and hopes to do it again someday! She has a cat and a small person and a stuffed armadillo called Owen.