by Rachel Kendall

I have finally acquiesced and started wearing a mouth guard at night. Bloody horrible thing. I tried before with a lower jaw one and hated it. But I’m grinding too much and before I end up with bloody stubs I had to say ok, ok, I’ll try one on my top teeth. Nasty thing. It’s bad enough that the tablets I’m on make me gurn like a pro that I grind at night too. Anyway, I’m stick of feeling my fillings disintegrating, tasting their shiny worn-down surfaces. I’m a bit obsessed with mouths anyway. I mean, the eating, talking, spewing, masticating, expectorating, kissing… so much good and bad from the maw. So much easier, sometimes, is the writing than the talking.

I gave blood yesterday. I must admit I was a trifle nervous because last time I gave blood I fainted, two hours later, on the bus. I’ve been giving blood for around 20 years, with breaks for tattoos, piercings, pregnancy, breast-feeding etc and I have never had a problem. I don’t know what mix of elements caused the fainting but I was concerned that it would happen again, in a public place. The horror. Anyway, all was fine, and I shall continue to give blood until they tell me to stop, or until I actually getting around to having that new tattoo. It’s something very important to me after the number of times my mother has had transfusions for accidents and illnesses throughout her life. It’s great when you get that text to say your blood has been transported to such and such a hospital. You feel like you might actually be able to make a difference.