Over a year later…

by Rachel Kendall

It’s all about beginnings. Right? Re-animations. I was all a-go-go about starting a new blog back in 2014. Then got all wa-hay about getting it going again in 2015. Suddenly it’s 2017 and thanks to Driving in the Dark‘s blog, I feel inspired to write again. When I say write, I mean e-scribble a few words a day. A DAY, you hear?

Things have happened since 2015. Two days ago a suicide bomber in my home town of Manchester killed 22 and injured over 50 more, most were teenage girls. The youngest was 8, the same age as my daughter. In a few minutes I’m accompanying my child’s class on a trip to the local mosque. We will not put up barriers.

In the last 3 weeks three people I know have passed away – my step-dad (though I always called him this, he was technically my dad as I was 2 when my mum got together with him) after years of fighting various ailments; the mother of a good friend who died in her sleep; and the mother of a friend of my daughter’s from the nursery days, who died suddenly of a brain haemorrhage. She was in her mid-40s. So long Barry, Sadie and Fiona. You will be missed.

A couple of months ago I was mugged. My car keys were in my bag. They stole my car.

Got a new car.

Started a part-time Film Studies MA. Thoroughly enjoyable but really, am I mad?

Put the zine Sein und Werden on hiatus for a while.

Discovered Caravan Palace.

Got some pet stick insects.

Continue to have a cat and yes, it turns out I can keep a pet alive.

Let’s have some visuals – Lexi cat/Lexicon/Lexipants: